Sharon Celek Kevil

Founder, Sharon Celek Kevil, is uniquely positioned to lead Forti, where her experience in product development, interior design, and manufacturing converge. If you’ve worked on a project with Sharon before, you know she’s relentless in the pursuit of her customer’s best interest, even if that’s not in her best interest.

She has a BA in Interior Design and has worked as an interior designer. As an entrepreneur, Sharon launched and led an award-winning retail and hospitality interior design firm, maintaining profitability for five successful years.

Sharon then worked for a large national retailer, as an interior designer and manager of the design innovation team before pivoting into private label furniture design for the company. She was also involved with domestic and overseas furniture manufacturers, spending four weeks per year in factories throughout Asia working on design and quality improvements.

Most recently, Sharon worked with a small, custom-furniture shop as a Director of Sales and Product Development. While there, she also helped to implement factory and administrative processes and measures to help improve productivity, profitability, quality and customer experience.

Based on nearly two decades of experience, she’s developed a company with products that are geared toward the quality, design, features and value that customers are looking for, and combined it with a mission to make positive social and environmental impact.

Connect with Sharon to learn more about Forti and to discuss your furniture needs.